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Perverted Education

Perverted Education is a unique, erotic text-based role-playing game in which the male protagonist, a normal young man, is slowly drawn into the darker, fetid depths of a submissive, female-dominated lifestyle. The basic premise is that a normal young man has developed an "inverted mind," whereby his normal, progressive thinking processes are pushed into a highly primitive and domineering state. He is presented with an intense, almost immobilizing fantasy which ultimately pushes him towards complete immorality. This text comes from the mind of a 31-year-old Scottish programmer, James Strachey, who was diagnosed as suffering from a severe addiction to internet pornography.

The plot of Perverted Education revolves around the struggles and adventures of the main character, whose every act is prompted by a primitive, sexual desire for the object of his addiction. This escalating obsession leads to a series of drastic changes in his behavior, as well as his mental health and emotional state. Along the way, he also develops a new avatar, a powerful and mysterious internet "bimbo" who will act as his handler and muse throughout the game's story. What starts out as an innocent, inexperienced young woman searching for new interests and experiences becomes a dangerous, malicious force as her true nature is revealed.

Initially, the game's plotline plays out like a series of erotic vignettes, interspersed with dialogues and narrated by Strachey's wry, intelligent voice. As the story unfolds, the main character gradually reveals the dark secrets of his past, and the reader is presented with a unique opportunity to see the perils and pitfalls of internet addiction in a new way. The overall effect is one of enlightenment but on a psychological level. If you take the time to read the text, you can gain a completely new perspective on your life, and on the world at large.

There is one extremely disturbing aspect to this dark tale of online addiction, and it centers around the sexual connotations of online game portals. While the majority of players are adults, there are many teens and younger kids playing the various games. Strachey repeatedly discusses the pervading sexual themes, and how these can result in the negative reinforcement of perverted views. It's obvious throughout the game that he has a strong Christian upbringing, and the idea that video games are a vehicle for expression amounts to censorship beyond what most would consider acceptable. He makes a point of saying that he feels a player should have the freedom to choose which expression means more to them. For example, some people might be offended by a game where the hero participates in a threesome, but he's still a participant.

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A surprising amount of the book is devoted to offering advice about how to search for sexual content online, as well as offering techniques for how to use a search engine to locate bimbo training. The search engine bimbo training in this book is an astounding 1.2 megabyte. This translates to nearly fifty megabits per hour. When considering the level of the author's knowledge, this level of bimbo training is rather remarkable. In fact, bimbo training for the computer savvy can be downright dangerous.

The techniques suggested in this book are rather disturbing. For example, a search for "Lesbian vixen" yields a variety of offensive videos, including a man being choked to death by a woman in a game called Reverse Phone Sex. The fact that the search also returns results such as "arsehole" and "whore" makes this clear as to why this material was deemed appropriate to be shown to young players. The fact that the book is free makes it even more shocking. Considering the level of controversy this video game caused, and the potential harm this type of sexually suggestive material could cause, this should raise some red flags for parents.

While at first glance, the content of the book may seem risque, upon further investigation it becomes clear that the content was produced with a very light touch. The author did not intend for the book to be offensive and she has taken the time to correct the problems with this video game guide. However, her goal is not to scare parents or to embarrass them. Her goal is to show parents that there are certain things they should not be doing with their children.

If you have questions about the risks involved with video game guides and how they can affect young minds, it would be wise to check out the website where the book is sold. On this website, you will find testimonials and reviews from people who have purchased and used this guide. Furthermore, you can visit The Perverted Education website to see if this guide is right for you. With a little bit of reading, you will realize that The Perverted Education does provide answers and instruction about the dangers involved with video game sexual role play. If you do decide to purchase the product, however, please be sure to check out the website where the book is sold.

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