Scottish Church College

Scottish Church College is an all-girls college of Calcutta University. It is the oldest and continuously running independent Christian liberal arts and science college in India. It was rated highly by the national assessment and accreditation council. It is one of the four colleges that constitute Calcutta University.

The Scottish Church College provides three major courses to its students. They are the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies; the Bachelor of Arts in Education; and the Master in Education. These courses are designed to equip the students with the knowledge and skills to perform specific functions related to administration and leadership and also hone their creative and persuasive abilities. The students may choose to specialize in a particular area or complete a full degree program.

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies covers various aspects of community organization and government, history and social sciences, economics, science, and technology. This course lays emphasis on promoting inter-personal interaction, understanding, and communicating effectively in all settings. The focus of this course is to develop leadership qualities in students. In this stage, students are taught how to communicate effectively both orally and through written materials. They may choose to specialize in any number of subjects including political science, sociology, communications, geography, literature, and history.

The Bachelor of Arts in Education trains students to become effective leaders in classrooms, organizations, and society at large. It is particularly important for Christians since the rate of church involvement is declining. It aims to equip students to be effective communicators and advocates of faith. They are taught the art of argumentative writing, presentation, and listening. They may also choose to specialize in any number of subjects including history, theology, philosophy, public policy, and education.

The Bachelor of Science in History is ideal for students who have a solid background in either religion or history. It mainly explores historical themes and patterns, including socio-cultural patterns. It also covers several other areas including ancient and medieval architecture, art and craft, art history, and early childhood. Students in this program will learn historical methods, develop skills and ideas, and be able to evaluate patterns and relationships.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is an interdisciplinary course used to complement other higher-level studies. The emphasis of this program is on creativity and expression while enabling students to develop their personal style and approach to learning. A large amount of the syllabus is based on world art and culture. The coursework may also take into consideration issues related to society and politics.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Business gives students the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of business. They may choose to explore the financial or non-financial sectors, such as international banking, law, and accountancy. They may opt to specialize in one particular aspect of the business world, such as marketing, human resources, or entrepreneurship.

In addition to gaining knowledge and experience, students at Scottish Church College will be able to network with other like-minded students from around the world. It will also offer opportunities to gain employment, by participating in internships and presenting projects and oral or written examinations at events held locally and internationally. For those wishing to carry on their education after finishing their degree, an online Master's degree is available. In this format, students can continue their studies at their own pace within a limited time frame.

Many students are unable to attend a Scotland based university. For these students, a Scottish Church College online offers the perfect solution. There are several colleges in the city, which allow the student to complete his education from home. This option offers the flexibility to study at a time and place most suitable to them. The college does not have a physical campus and is therefore not dependent on a limited student population.

The coursework is taught by experienced instructors, who create a learning atmosphere that is interactive and encouraging. Interaction is enhanced by the faculty, with a mixture of live and video lectures. It may also involve student authors' forums and discussions, group assignments, and resource books.

Students are encouraged to engage with all parts of the course. The curriculum is designed in an accessible and engaging manner. Learning is reinforced through active participation, with each student given the opportunity to participate in and benefit from a range of activities. Teachers encourage independent reading and writing and encourage students to use their imagination. A regular calendar is used to schedule exams, with tests taking place at the start and end of each semester. An online learning environment helps to make it easier for students to take exams and complete coursework.

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