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Dera Ghazi Khan Operation against Ladi Gang

 Dera Ghazi Khan Operation against Ladi Gang


Dera Ghazi Khan police and Law enforcement agencies are conducting a search operation in the tribal area against Ladi Gang under the command of DPO omer Saeed Malik .more than 300 police personnel including bolt proof armored vehicles took part in the search operation. a joint operation of Punjab police and law enforcement agencies is being carried out to eradicate barbarism by taking action against the Ladi gang. a symbol of terror. the rule of law is ensured on the instructions of regional police officer Mohammed Faisal Rana .dpo omer Saeed Malik is leading the search operation himself. the DPO said that the safety of the people would be insured on the special directive of the prime minister of Pakistan Chief Minister Punjab and inspector general of Police Punjab Inam Gani.     

Dera Ghazi Khan Search operation in the Mountain Tribal Area with law enforcement agencies to establish law and order and ensure the protection of the public, District Police Dera Ghazi Khan's youth on the frontline.


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