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Salman Khan Is Badly Injured

 Salman Khan Is Badly Injured

Salman Khan’s latest movie Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai got released recently, on the 13th of May. While the movie received polarizing reviews from critics and people.
it also broke records on the OTT platform. The movie has gained more than 4. 2 million views on the first day of its release.
In Salman Khan"s movie Radhe, many several faces from the most controversial reality shows just like, Bigg Boss. VJ Andy Manveer Gujjar and Gautam Gulati Manveer Gujjar got to play roles in this movie. Vj Andy played the role of Disha Patani’s friend, a photographer in this movie while Manveer played the role of a pub’s manager. But it was Gautam Gulati’s role that was more significant in the movie as he played Randeep Hooda’s sidekick. Gautam played the role of Girgit in the movie and his performance was loved by many people. But did you know that during a scene, Salman Khan actually got hit by Gautam Gulati? It was for the first time Gautam Gulati worked with Salman khan and he was quite nervous on the sets. Gautam during an interview revealed that he was so nervous that while filming one scene, he actually hit Salman Khan. He revealed that as an actor he knows how to hit with style but as he is an antagonist in the movie, he had to take punches too.
When the actor actually hit Salman Khan during a scene, Salman Khan was shocked. The Bigg Boss winner immediately apologised to Salman Khan who did not expect this at all. Gautam revealed that Salman Khan was taken aback with shock but later he told Gautam not to worry about it. Since that time Gautam started to maintain distance from whoever was attacking him in movie scenes to avoid hurting them. Well, the movie Radhe is available currently on Zee5’s pay per view platform Zee Plex for 249 rupees only.

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