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Pakistani host-top pakistani anchor and host-Top 10 Best Female Anchors in Pakistan

Top Pakistani Anchors and Host

Here we will discuss famous Pakistani anchors and hosts. let's check these famous Pakistani hosts and anchors details. if you have any idea you can share them with us.

Farah Sadia

Farah is a famous Pakistani actress, anchor, and popular host, she is a very well-known and talented woman in the showbiz industry. she was born in Nov 1974 in Islamabad. She got graduation from Islamabad.

Shaista Lodhi

Shasta Lodhi is a talented and well know Pakistani television actress, skincare specialist, and famous host. She is also an MBBS doctor. She was born in November1977.she to start her showbiz career in 2001. Her brother Sahir Lodhi also an actor and famous host.

Madiha Naqvi

Madiha Naqvi is well known and Famous Pakistani Celebrity. She is a very talented journalist and Pakistani host and journalist. She is an active personality in social media.

Sahir Lodhi

Sahir Lodi is one of the famous Pakistani actors and hosts. He is a very talented and good-looking host and actor. He is also the brother of Famous Pakistani host Shasta Lodhi.

Javeria Saud

Javeria Saud is a Famous Pakistani producer, actress, singer, and well-known host. she was born in 1972. she starts her career in 1992.

Nazia Malik

Nazia Malik is a Famous Pakistani host.

Meher Bukhari

Meher Bukhari is well known and Famous Pakistani host.

Nida Yasir

Nadia Yasir is a famous Pakistani actress well-known model. she is also a well-known Pakistani host. she starts her career as a producer and model.

Kashif Abbasi

Kashif abbasi is a Famous Pakistani talk show host. Journalist and anchorperson.
He was born on December 10, 1974.

Ayesha Bakhsh

Aysha Bukhsh was born in 1981.she is a famous and well-known Pakistani journalist and anchor. She starts her career in 2007.

Waseem Badami

Waseem Badami Famous host and anchorperson.

Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch is well known and Famous Pakistani actress, model, and host. She is a Famous talented host.
Her sister also an actress and modal.

Sana Bacha

Sana Bacha is a Pakistani host. she is also a journalist, actress, and producer. She was born in August 1970.

Naeem Bukhari

Naeem Bukhari is a Famous Pakistani host.

Asma Chaudhary

Asma Chaudhry also a talented and Famous Pakistani host. She is also a news anchor and journalist. She was born in 1978.

Faisal Aziz Khan

Faisal Aziz Khan famous Pakistani celebrity. He is a journalist. He was born in 1974.

Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi is a Pakistani producer, actor, and TV host. He was born on 26 Oct 1973 .he start his career in 1984.

Nusrat Jawed

Nusrat Javed Is a famous Pakistani news anchor, columnist, and popular journalist. He was born in 1964.

Mubashir Luqman

Mubashir Luqman is a famous Pakistani host. He hosts the talk show, Khara Such.

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan is a famous Pakistani producer actress and host. She was born in 1979.

Maria Memon

Maria Is a popular Pakistani newscaster and journalist. She graduated in software engineering from Hamdard University.

Reham Khan

Reham Nayyar is a British Pakistani. She is a filmmaker, anchor, and journalist. She was born in 1973. she starts her career in 2007.

Ansar Abbasi

Ansar Abbasi is a famous Pakistani journalist. Ansar Abbasi was born in Muree Pakistan ( 12th June 1965). he starts his journalism career in 1991.

Ayaz Amir

Ayaz Amir is a popular Pakistani former military officer, columnist, and famous journalist.

Abdul Hameed Chopra

Abdul Hameed Chopra is a Pakistani journalist.

Sadaf Jabbar

Sadaf Jabbar is a famous Pakistani news anchor. she is one of the famous anchors. she starts her career in 2008.she is also a charming news anchor.

Sabir Shakir

Sabir Shakir is a famous Pakistani columnist. he is a popular Pakistani journalist.

Shahid Masood

Shahid Masood is a well-known Pakistani journalist.

Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar is one of the famous Pakistani journalists and anchors.

Mubashir Luqman

Mubashir Luqman is a famous and popular journalist and column.

Iqrar ul Hassan

Iqrar ul Hassan is a well-known TV celebrity.his famous chow Sar e Aam.

Talat Hussain

Talat Husain is a famous Pakistani journalist and Achor.

Hamid Meer

Hamid Meer is popular pakistani jurnalist.

Imran Khan

Imran khan is a new Pakistani journalist.

Shazad Hassan

Shahzad Hassan is also a famous Pakistani anchor.

Qurat ul ain Hassan

Qurat ul Ain is a famous Pakistani journalist and anchor.

Farah Qadri

Farah Qadri is a popular Pakistani news anchor.

Saleem Safi

Saleem Safi is popular jurnalist.

Iqra Shahzad

Iqra Shahzad is a popular Pakistani news anchor.

Samina Ramzan

Samina Ramzan is a famous and beautiful Pakistani anchor and journalist.

Sana Mirza

is the most popular famous Pakistani host.  

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